Welcome to the Julia Users Group Zurich

We meet regularly to discuss coding in Julia or just hang out.

There is a Meetup page where you can register, although you can come otherwise too (drop us an email). This is also where details about the meetups, such as location will be posted.

This page is hosted on GitHub; feel free to file issues or open pull-requests.

Organisers: Mauro Werder

Next Meetings

Please contact us if you have something to present!

in room F 33.1 of ETH Hauptgebäude, Zurich.

Past Meetings

Intro to Metaprogramming Part II (2019-04-11)

by Mauro

Terminal magic and magic macros (2018-11-08)

Simon Schoelly’s talk on KittyTerminalImages.jl

Mauro did an intro do meta-programming

JuliaCon 2018 Gossip (2018-09-13)

by Mauro Werder


Failure analysis with the Weibull distribution (2018-06-07)

by Stefan Schlem. Link to notebook

Side topic: sneak peak at Julia 0.7

Julia tooling: IDEs and editors (2018-04-19)

by Stefan Schelm & Mauro Werder

  • Stefan’s talk on Juno (Atom)
  • Mauro’s notes on using emacs.

Panel Data Analysis in Julia (2017-01-12)

by Christian Kascha

The PDF and source code can be found here.